Valjaonica bakra Sevojno (Copper Mill Sevojno) is a leading player in the production and marketing of copper and copper alloys in South-East Europe region. The major part of our products goes to foreign markets (87%), mainly to those of West Europe. Our semi-products are designed for use in various applications, such as mechanical engineering, electrical industry, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, energetics, automotive and process industry, construction and architecture…

Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD adopts certified quality management system in accordance with requirements of the SRPS ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Basis of our success and our vital aim are satisfied customers, as evidenced by a negligible scope of complaints on products we receive.

Our vision is to bring our busnisses to the next level in order to become one of leaders on the European market. Supported by 1.000 dedicated employees Valjaonica bakra Sevojno shall manage to achieve this.


Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD started production in 1952. The first rated capacity was 25.000 tons per year. During later development stages, the capacity was raised to 60.000 tons per year, out of which rolled semi-products accounted for app. 60%, and extruded and drawn to app. 40%. The factory grew into the largest processor of copper and copper alloys of former Yugoslavia, ranking thus to category of renown producers of scale in Europe and worldwide.


Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD is the founder of the limited liability company: Valjaonica Bezbednost doo.

Valjaonica Bezbednost core activity is protection of property and persons as well as of installations and technical safety systems. Apart from the aforesaid, the company is registered for certain additional activities from the fields of security and fire protection, activities related to technical safety systems, their installation and maintenance, video-surveillance, etc.

Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD also integrates the following business units rendering services to third parties:

1. Femod (Factory of electro-mechanical equipment and components), specialized in manufacture and repair of electro-mechanical equipment and components, primarily for the needs of metallurgy, oil and chemical industries, hydro and thermal power plants, melting and casting plants, etc. The factory produces all types of coolers, radiators for heat exchangers, induction coils, high-finned tubing, tools for metallurgical applications. It is also active in other general mechanical and electrical operations.

2. Ambalaža is manufacturer of packaging units from wood and cardboard for needs of both parent company and outdoor customers. According to global market requests, its finished wooden packing units undergo phyto-sanitary treatment whereafter every unit is approved by recognizable marks.

3. Standard provides food services to Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD employees and third parties. On top of this, it renders other types of catering services.


The factory was transferred to private ownership in 2004 and majority shareholders became the East Point Metals Ltd. Following to privatization, a comprehensive investment cycle was implemented improving thus technological capability of the factory and enhancing the quality of products. East Point Metals Ltd owns 100% of the company's value.



Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD is the company with great tradition whoose deep roots lead back to the year 1952. Development of the company largely contributed to the development and growth of the city of Uzice, bringing progress to the entire region of Western Serbia.

Throughout its long history, Valjaonica recruited and promoted its staff who left a positive mark on the whole non-ferrous metals industry. At present, Valjaonica is facing an extensive shift of generations. New era requires new people being capable to quickly accept changes dictated by fluctuations of the global market. For the purpose of human resources renewal, Valjaonica bakra Sevojno is open for communication to everyone who wants to work in challenging, dynamic environment and to invest in the long run in their own professional advancement.

We wish to collaborate with vigorous, proactive people regarding the modern market situation as a challenge and who are willing to prove themselves as top specialists. We are focused above all on unexperienced professionals. Hard-working and loyal talents primarily from the metallurgical, then mechanical, electronic and electric engineering fields are welcome with us.


We do not offer a job. We offer the career.


Entire operations of VBS AD are performed in full compliance with legal regulations, applicable standards, corporate rules and other requirements of the good practice in the field of environmental protection, with the ultimate goal to minimize and finally eliminate all impacts and negative consequences harmful to environment.

VBS AD has its instituted waste management system based on adopted policies, with special focus on decrease in generation of hazardous and other waste materials. Waste management programme sets responsibilities and liabilities of employees concerning all activities in relation to proper waste handling.

Industrial waste water is purified and filtered in the own water treatment plant, thus preventing adverse effects on groundwater and surface waterways. Air protection is provided by efficient operation of ventilation and dust collection system of the Foundry, which includes all emission sources.

In order to measure and control effects on environment and to meet lawful provisions, VBS AD implements monitoring of all relevant parameters of environmental impact. Such monitoring results are analyzed and in case of identified non-conformities required technical-technological or other actions are introduced.

Company management at all levels has embraced the concept of continuous improvement of the environmental protection management system, permanently promoting the improvement. All employees are committed to achievement of set objectives and determined to act in a manner that shall prevent or at least reduce the impact of company operations on environment.

The priority goals of VBS AD in the forthcoming period are fulfillment of requirements for obtaining the integrated license and certification of the environmental protection management system in accordance with the SRPS ISO 14001:2015 standard provisions.


Valjaonica bakra Sevojno has always been aware of the importance of social responsibility at running its businesses and fully committed to social and environmental issues of the local community in which it operates since its early years. Strongly contributing to growth and prosperity of its wider surrounding, Valjaonica bakra was and still is the main driver of the Uzice region development. Our belief is that investing in society in which we operate at the same time means investing in and strengthening of Valjaonica bakra Sevojno itself.

Despite the challenging situation prevailing during the last few years due to economic crisis we showed perseverance with regard to social responsibility. Our commitment was substantiated through a series of actions we supported and which were organized either by concerned individuals or organizations.

In partnership with the city of Uzice we deleveraged the NALED campaign which promoted the certification of cities with favorable environment, aiming to intensify a direct local and foreign investments as a result of good business climate. In this way, potential investors were invited to invest on local level and a city of Uzice gained support to become more competitive in relation to other local governments in the region.

Upon initiative of the management, we actively participated in the action “Battle for maternity wards” by donating two CTG devices for needs of the General hospital of Uzice. These devices largely facilitated the work of medical staff and in particular contributed to the feeling of ease and safety for pregnant women. Joint contribution of all donors completely satisfied the requirements for medical appliances of the maternity ward in Uzice. By this action Valjaonica bakra Sevojno proved its care for youngest population and continued its ongoing efforts for the future and prosperity of the local community in which it operates.

So we demonstrated our true committment ascertaining that it brings material results. Our primary objective is to be the backbone of the development of the region in which we operate, while the feeling of satisfying the needs of the community makes us proud of being oriented to the idea of altruism.